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January 20, 2010 Newsletter

Weekly Update

From the number of calls and emails we've been receiving and new people wanting to help, the word about the proposed concert venue is finally getting around. And people are angry!

The third Planning & Zoning Committee hearing on TicketNetwork's application will be held this Thursday, January 21 at the Senior Center rather than Town Hall. See below for details.

The Acoustics/Noise study will be presented Thursday, and you're going to find it difficult to swallow. You can read the study yourself before the hearing so you'll understand how it was done.

And the Environmental Report and Traffic Report are also online as well as the detailed Planning Map for the site.

We'll send out additional newsletters as there is information to report. You are encouraged to forward this to friends and neighbors. Also check our website regularly. Important information and updates will be highlighted in the box at the top.

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Third PZC Hearing This Thursday

The third Planning & Zoning Committee (PZC) hearing on TicketNetwork's application is this Thursday, January 21, 7:00 p.m. It will be held in a new location and larger facility in the Senior Center, 26 Park Place, Rockville on the second floor, next to the Memorial Building. There will be two other items on the agenda before TicketNetwork resumes their presentation. We're told they likely won't begin until around 8:00. But get there early for a good seat. Last meeting TicketNetwork employees occupied the first 3 rows. The meetings have been ending promptly at 10:30.

TicketNetwork will continue their presentation for a third week probably with owner Don Vaccaro completing his presentation (will his employee cheering section continue to cheer on cue?) and a presentation by TicketNetwork's acoustic engineer. We don't know who else they will have present or how long it will take. The PZC may or may not begin hearing from the public - that's us! A fourth meeting will be held on Thursday, February 4 which should be mostly public input. There is also the possibility of a special hearing before then. We'll keep you posted.

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The Acoustics Study

This Thursday TicketNetwork's acoustic consultant, Brooks Acoustics Corporation from Vernon, will present the results of their study to the PZC.

The simulated concert sound test was done on Thursday, September 24 between 2 and 5 p.m. They will say that the level of sound from the concert site is below ambient noise from traffic. The four test locations were at the nearest homes in each direction on Bolton Road, Whitney Ferguson Road, Valley Falls Road and Tunnel Road. They will say they could not hear the music at those sites, except just a little on Valley Falls Road and that will be corrected.

This meets DEP and state requirements since Vernon does not have its own noise ordinance. The DEP levels for a residential area are 55 decibels day and 45 decibels at night (after 10 p.m.).

This will give you an idea of how loud that is:

  • Rock band up close - 115 db
  • Motorcycle - 100 db
  • Power mower - 96 db
  • Freeway at 50 feet - 75 db
  • Air Conditioner at 100 feet - 60 db
  • Conversation - 60 db
  • DEP acceptable level - 45 to 55 db
  • Whisper - 30 db

It's very hard to believe that on summer evenings we won't hear a rock band playing less than a quarter mile from our homes. I'm not doubting the numbers gathered, but wonder how it plays out in real life. Many rock bands prefer to use and bring their own amplifiers to a concert. How loud is the roar of the crowd? Our neighbors on the hills to our south say that sound carries very clearly to their altitude. Does one controlled study trump real life experience?

Do your own digging. The links below will take you to the study report, the DEP regulations and the CT law on noise. The links can also be found on our website.

» Go to TicketNetwork Acoustic Report.
» Go to CT Noise Law
» Go to DEP Full Noise Regulations

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All TicketNetwork's Studies Now Available

Besides the Acoustics Report discussed above the following reports are also now available for you to review and study:

  • Environmental Report as presented to Inland Wetlands & Conservation Committees.
  • Detailed Planning Map as presented to the PZC on December 17.
  • Traffic Report as presented January 7.

Read them and be informed. You'll also find links on our website.

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» Go to Traffic Report
» Go to TicketNetwork Site Map

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Who's Putting The 'Rock' Back In Rock-ville?

At the Conservation & Development planning meeting last Thursday an item that came up several times was that Vernon has no positive recognizable public image. It was agreed that we have a number of pluses including our trails and greenways, our history and historic homes and our reputation as a nice town to come home to at night from the city or to spend your retirement years. But there was no one thing that was promoted and stood out. It was also agreed that we need to do more to attract not only low profile businesses, but as the town is aging we need to attract young families that are now settling in Ellington, Tolland and Coventry.

We are concerned that being the home of a rock concert site that will surely grown in size each year will send the wrong message to the kind of people we want to attract. We don't want to become known as The Meadows East or Rock-ville.

When things get better the party in power takes credit whether they had anything to do with it or not. When things go bad they hope no one points a finger at them. Right now the Mayor and Town Council are Republicans. They are in control and therefore are responsible for whatever happens in town. They will claim its a land use issue and not up to them, but we all know how politics work and how corporations influence events. Lots goes on behind the scene to make some things go easy and some things go hard.

Rock Concerts will create traffic, noise and all the problems that come with this kind of event. In the fall of 2011 when the next town elections are held we'll be reminded every weekend,with every concert, of who was in power when 'Rock' came to town.

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Facebook Conversation

Our Facebook site added 100 new 'Fans' this week, now up to 260. Want to know what your kids and area teens think about a concert venue in town visit Facebook?

Concerts in Vernon would be awesome, Dude. A great place to hang out.

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A Parable

This parable for the times was contributed by one of our neighbors.

A corporate CEO is hiring a new accounting firm. He calls in representatives from three firms and announces, "I have only one question and whoever answers it correctly gets the job."

Turning to the first candidate he asks, "What is 1 + 1?" Candidate 1 answers with confidence, "Why 2, of course."

Turning to Candidate 2 he asks the same question. Candidate 2 is a little confused and answers, "2?"

Turning to Candidate 3 he asks the question once again. Candidate 3 is a clever fellow and answers, "Whatever you want it to be." He got the job.

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To Our Friends At TicketNetwork

This week's moment of Zen. Really more of a wistful 'What if?'

What if TicketNetwork had included their neighbors in the Acoustics test? The test points were right in front of our homes. What if they had knocked on our doors and asked us to come out and listen with them? If the concert sounds were below ambient highway noise as claimed we would have heard little more than the highway.

If you really cared about your neighbors and included us would we now be your allies instead of your opponents? Would I be out for a walk instead of writing this newsletter?

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